The Speak Up! mission is to minimize barriers to efficient and effective communications for individuals, groups and organizations with limited resources for the public relations activities necessary to support the achievement of their goals.

Speak Up! works to accomplish its mission through the pursuit of the following objectives:

  • To identify individuals, groups and organizations with clear ambitions and aspirations, but are in need of public relations support services.
  • To provide functional education and training that will broaden the overall perception of public relations practices as a management function.
  • To facilitate the practical application of public relations practices for individuals, small groups and organizations.
  • To provide communications support services that meet individuals and small organizations at the point of their immediate needs, while laying the foundation for personal and professional growth.
  • To promote the implementation of communications outreach that is always culturally sensitive and culturally specific when necessary.
  • To promote high standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity in all communication with clients, the media, and the community at large.